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Today in Denmark: A roundup of the news on Monday

Find out what's going on in Denmark today with The Local's short roundup of the news in less than five minutes.

Grey skies over Copenhagen. File photo: Rain is expected on Monday with some areas drier but still grety.
Grey weather is expected in most of Denmark on Monday. File photo: Liselotte Sabroe/Ritzau Scanpix

‘Almost one in five’ in Denmark drinks excessively

Over 860,000 people on Denmark drink more than the recommended amount, news wire Ritzau writes based on data from a YouGov survey conducted on behalf of organisations Alkohol & Samfund and Trygfonden.

The number is increasing with almost 20 percent of the adult population consuming more than what the Danish Health Authority calls the “risk threshold”.

Additionally, two in three people in the survey said they found it difficult to talk to those close to them about their possible excessive drinking.

The survey is based on answers from a representative sample of 2,002 people aged between 30 and 65.

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Pandora papers reveal Paraguayan fortune deposited at Danish bank 

The Pandora papers, a major leak of offshore data, were reported in international media on Sunday evening, revealing hidden assets of some of the world’s most powerful people.

The leak has not bypassed Denmark, with the papers showing that, for at least 10 years up to 2018, an unusually large fortune belonging to wealthy Paraguayan car importer Genaro Peña was deposited at a now-closed Swiss branch of Jyske Bank.

The size of the fortune has raised suspicions, according to newspaper Politiken, which reported the story along with newspaper Berlingske and broadcaster DR.

Danish media have received details of the papers via international journalism network ICIJ.

We’ll have more on this story in an article today.

New rules for travel from Denmark to UK

Today heralds a relaxation of the UK government’s travel rules for arrivals from the EU, but those making the trip should aware that there are still restrictions and testing requirements in place.

The UK government is doing away with its amber list and having only green or red – all European countries are on the green list.

For countries like Denmark who were on the green list under the old system, the rules remain the same for fully vaccinated arrivals but have become more strict for those who are not vaccinated.

Full detail on the changes can be found here.

Meanwhile, if you’re amongst the almost 50,000 people in Denmark who were vaccinated with the Johnson & Johnson, jab, you’ve probably received an invitation to receive a booster vaccination.

A booster Pfizer or Moderna Covid-19 jab given to people originally inoculated with the Johnson & Johnson vaccine could throw recognition of their vaccination status into doubt when travelling abroad, the Danish foreign ministry warned last week.

Full detail here.

Weather: Rain in Jutland, clouds over Zealand

Sunday was a bit of a washout weather wise, and more showers are forecast to move across Jutland from the southwest today.

There is a chance the rainy spells could be interspersed with some sun, however.

Although the eastern part of Denmark is likely to stay dry, skies will be more consistently grey throughout the day, according to DMI’s forecast.

Temperatures could reach up to 15 degrees Celsius.

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Today in Denmark: a roundup of the news on Tuesday

Danish ship sailed near Russian ships before Nord Stream blast, Danish Health Authority orders cancer review, Danish artist launches epic troll hunt, and Denmark third in Europe on patent applications per head. Here's some of the news on Tuesday.

Today in Denmark: a roundup of the news on Tuesday

Danish ship allegedly sailed after Russian ships near the Nord Stream

The Danish patrol vessel P524 Nymfen was sailing in the area around the gas pipelines Nord Stream 1 and Nord Stream 2 just four days before they were hit by several explosions on 26 September last year, the UK’s Times newspaper has reported. 

According to the German news site T-online, six Russian warships were in the area at the same time, including the submarine support ship SS-750, which had the mini-submarine AS-26 with it.

According to the site, SS-750 turned off its tracking device when it neared the area where the gas pipelines were blown up.

Shortly afterwards, a Swedish ship, K31 Visby, sailed to the area. 

Danish vocab: patruljefartøj – patrol vessel 

Danish Health Authority orders cancer treatment review 

Søren Brostrøm, the director of the Danish Health Authority, has ordered a survey of cancer care in Denmark after DR reported that 182 patients had waited too long for an operation at Aarhus University Hospital.

Following DR’s report, a survey found that 293 patients had waited for more than the two weeks prescribed by law over the past year. The Central Denmark Region had not reported the delays to the Danish Health Authority because the patients had accepted that the waiting time would be longer than two weeks. 

It has since emerged that the Capital Region around Copenhagen has also failed to report excess waiting times for cancer patients. 

Danish vocab: ventetiden – waiting times 

Danish artist hatches epic global troll hunt

A Danish artist famous for his towering wooden trolls sent fans on a worldwide quest Monday to find his latest creation.

Thomas Dambo has created a complex treasure hunt to find “Moon Mother”, his 100th troll sculpture, who he said has “crawled into the most secret spot in the forest” to give birth.

His giant figures inspired by Scandinavian folk tales are often located off the beaten track to tempt children and adults to venture out into nature, and to show what you can do with recycled materials.

To find “Moon Mother”, fans will have to piece together codes placed near his existing trolls across the world.

“I decided to make a super secret one and make it an intricate treasure hunt that leads you around all the other ones I’ve made through the years,” Dambo told AFP.

Denmark third in Europe on patent applications per head 

Denmark was third only to Switzerland and Sweden in 2022 in the number of patent applications lodged with the European Patent Office per million inhabitants according to the latest figures.

Denmark made 453 applications per million inhabitants, just behind Sweden on 482 and Switzerland on 1,031. See graph for details

“It is gratifying that we have continued to invest in innovation and patents even under the difficult conditions seen over the last year,” said Flemming Kønig Mejl, who leads the international cooperation division at the Danish Patent and Trademark Office.

“It just shows that Danish companies are good at prioritising research and development. It is also something that we make a living from in Denmark, and which helps to create jobs.” 

Danish vocab: patentansøgninger – patent applications