Danish ferry departures cancelled amid stormy weather

Danish ferry departures cancelled amid stormy weather
The Big Air kitesurfing championships take place at Vorupør on Denmark's west coast on Thursday with forecasts predicting strong winds. Photo: Henning Bagger/Ritzau Scanpix
Several ferry departures were cancelled in Denmark on Thursday as meteorologists predicted high winds reaching storm levels in some areas.

A low-pressure front to the north of Denmark has been cited as the cause of hard winds in west Jutland, as well as on the west coasts of Zealand and Bornholm.

Met agency DMI has issued a severe weather warning for those areas, where gusts of up to 25-30 metres per second could blow. The rest of the country will also see strong winds throughout the day.

Ferry departures between Jutland and Samsø, an island off the east coast of the Danish mainland near Aarhus, are amongst those to have been cancelled due to the bad weather, local broadcaster TV2 Østjylland reported.

Routes connecting North Jutland to Norway and the town of Frederikshavn with island Læsø are amongst others to be affected.

Travellers planning to reach their destinations by ferry on Thursday are advised to stay updated regarding potential cancellations and delays.

Although the high winds are not strong enough to prevent ferries from sailing safely, those forecast on Thursday can make anchoring at harbours difficult, one operator said.

“When for example, DMI [Danish met office, ed.] signals westerly winds of 26 metres per second in Sælvig [Samsø port, ed.], there could be gusts of higher strength than that,” Samsø Rederi’s director Carsten Kruse told TV2 Østjylland.

“There’s a good 20 kilometres across the water in Sælvig. The wind can accelerate there. Even though we have a forecast, the reality is that there is often more strength in the wind across the sea,” Kruse explained.

Meteorological office DMI forecasts the winds to begin in the northwest of Denmark before spreading throughout the country.

Though an actual storm is not forecast, gusts reaching storm strength could occur in a number of locations, DMI said.

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