New Copenhagen student housing cut due to fire safety rules

New Copenhagen student housing cut due to fire safety rules
Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash
A construction project which would have increased the number of student residencies in Copenhagen by 180 was forced into a significant cutback due to fire safety rules, according to media reports in Denmark.

The project, which would have seen 180 new rooms for students built at Gamle Ellebjerg in Copenhagen, was announced earlier this year by the city’s lord mayor Lars Weiss along with the municipality in the Danish capital.

But fire safety regulations mean the number of residencies, which are temporary structures, must be significantly reduced to 40, broadcaster DR reports.

That will have a smaller impact on the city’s longstanding lack of affordable housing for students.

“This is evidence the project was a little bit hasty,” the head of the University of Copenhagen’s student council, Kevin Olesen, told DR.

Weiss told the broadcaster the issue was related to fire safety regulations, with the municipality unable to apply regulations normally used for camping accommodation to the housing, as had been planned.

“It’s a massive shame that it wasn’t possible,” Weiss said.

The municipality said it will aim to have more temporary student accommodation available next year, DR writes.


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