Bitcoin entrepreneur ‘buys’ giant octopus on Denmark’s version of eBay

A giant pacific octopus has been "sold" for 560,000 kroner to a Danish Bitcoin entrepreneur, after the Copenhagen aquarium where it lives put it up for sale on Denmark's equivalent of eBay.

Bitcoin entrepreneur 'buys' giant octopus on Denmark's version of eBay
Niklas Nikolajsen von Karlshof with his newly acquired cephalopod. Photo: Den Blå Planet

Niklas Nikolajsen von Karlshof, who founded the Geneva-based Bitcoin platform Bitcoin Suisse AG in mid-2013, said that he had decided to put in a bid for “Otto” in order to help keep him as an attraction for Copenhageners at Den Blå Planet, the city’s aquarium.

“Otto is the delight of the whole city, indeed the whole country, the young people and for that matter also for adults,” he told the Danish broadcaster TV2.

He said he had enjoyed meeting the Octopus after his acquisition, which was in reality a donation to help keep the aquarium running.

“I’ve realised he’s a really sociable little fellow, which I hadn’t expected. I’ve been shaking every one of his eight hands.”

The aquarium placed the advert on Den Blå Avisen, Denmark’s equivalent of eBay on July 5th, as a tongue-in-cheek way of soliciting donations to help it overcome the hit finances have taken due it its long closure during the coronavirus pandemic.

“Den Blå Planet is unfortunately threatened with closure, and we are therefore selling our sweet octopus Otto with as many as 2000 suction cups,” the advert read.

“He is completely quiet and calm, and in fact only comes out of his cave when he needs to be fed. Crabs and crustaceans are his favourite food.”

The advert put the price of being the “lucky owner” at 500,000 kr.

Photo: Den Blå Planet

Jon Diderichsen, the aquarium’s director, said he was “enormously grateful” for the donation, which he said would help the aquarium survive.

“In itself, it, unfortunately, does not mean much for the big financial picture, but I hope I can help inspire others to consider whether or not to have a tiger shark or some sea otters,” he said.

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