Women make up just 15 percent of directors at Danish companies

Denmark appears to be some way from reaching equal status between women and men in terms of directorships at companies.

Women make up just 15 percent of directors at Danish companies
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Only a small number of specific industries within the service and care sectors have more women than men in director positions, according to data from Statistics Denmark.

Leadership of both private and public companies is dominated in general by men. Around 15 percent of registered director’s posts in Denmark are currently filled by women. 85 percent are taken by men.

Some sectors have a relatively high or almost equal split between male and female directors. Within social and health care, 43 percent of directors are women, according to a Statistics Denmark press release. In the service sector, that figure is 41 percent.

Energy (6 percent), construction (6 percent) and mining (8 percent) are the three industries with fewest women in the most senior positions.

In order to be included in the statistics, companies must register their directors. Most register one or two, according to Statistics Denmark. A director is defined is the person or persons responsible for overall management of the company.

A more detailed division of individual sectors showed that the area with the highest proportion of women as directors is beauty and skincare, where 68 percent of directors are women. The second-highest proportion is for hair salons, with 61 percent women directors.

There is also a difference between large and small companies when it comes to the number of women leading organisations.

Smaller companies have a higher proportion of women in director roles than larger companies. This is linked to the fact that industries in which businesses are generally of a smaller size – for example, hair salons – are more likely to have women in charge.

Companies with under 10 employees have women as directors in 17 percent of cases, according to the data. That drops to 10 percent for companies with 10-49 employees and 9 percent of there are 50-249 staff. For companies with over 250 people on the payroll, 10 percent of directors in Denmark are women.

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