Why Danes are most likely to be called Anne or Peter

Why Danes are most likely to be called Anne or Peter
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A new count has shed light on the most popular names amongst Danes of all ages.
Emma and William are the most common names amongst girls under 20 and boys under 10 respectively, according to a new Statistics Denmark analysis.

For boys aged 11-20, Mikkel is the most common name.

The frequent appearance of Emma and William as children’s names fits in with the annual list of most popular names given to new babies, which are regularly topped by Emma and William.

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Should you be looking for a Danish name with a more retro feel, perhaps you could consider the most common names for the 70-89 years age group: Kirsten and Jørgen. For women and men in their 90s, Anna and Hans are the most frequent.

For young people in their 20s, Camilla and Mathias are the most common first names. Those a decade older in their 30s are most likely to be called Maria or Martin.

The two most common names in Denmark for women and men of any age are Anne and Peter. There have been more women called Anne than any other name since 2006. For Peter, this has been the case since 2012.

44,872 Danes are called Anne and 47,665 go by Peter. The average age of people with either name is 51.

After Anne and Peter, the most common Danish names are Kirsten, Mette, Hanne and Helle for women; and Michael, Jens, Lars and Thomas for men.

Statistics Denmark has also looked into the most common Danish full name. Here, Kirsten Nielsen is the most common, with 657 people in the country going by that name. Kirsten Jensen and Henrik Nielsen are the second and third-most common.



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