Here’s how to check waiting times for Covid-19 testing in Denmark

Here’s how to check waiting times for Covid-19 testing in Denmark
A drive-in Covid-19 test site in Denmark. Photo: Henning Bagger/Ritzau Scanpix
Health authorities in Denmark have made waiting times for coronavirus tests in different locations visible online.

Regional health authorities along with Testcenter Danmark, which operates the country’s mobile testing tents, have opened web pages on which current waiting times can be seen for Covid-19 testing at specific locations.

The initiative comes after criticism of inconsistent waiting times locally and difficulty in comparing waiting times at different locations.

The government’s stated goal for testing waiting times is for 80 percent of those seeking a test to be able to access one within 24 hours; and for 80 percent of tests to return an result within 24 hours.

Denmark residents can book coronavirus tests via the website. Free tests are offered to everyone at Copenhagen Airport.

Covid-19 testing in Denmark is separated into two co-call ‘tracks’: samfundsspor (community track), where people without symptoms can be tested; and sundhedsspor (health track), where people with symptoms can be tested on referral from a doctor.

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The ‘community track’ numbers can be accessed via a link on the Testcenter Danmark website, under the sub-heading Ventetider. The data for October 8th can be viewed here.

Currently, there are waiting times at 30 of the 49 test locations in Denmark, including locations with limited capacity and opening hours.

Asymptomatic people who have been in close contact with an infected person are prioritised by the ‘community track’ testing system. The data currently shows waiting times of 0 days in almost all locations for close contacts.

For ‘health track’ testing, numbers can be accessed via a pdf link on the Danske Regioner website (the page also includes a link to the Testcenter Danmark page for ‘community track’ waiting times. Click here for the pdf for October 8th.

Only 1 of 38 testing locations – on the island of Ærø – is currently showing waiting times for ‘health track’ testing.

You can also check how long you can expect to wait for a result from your test to come through. The Danske Regioner website is showing this information in the form of weekly updates. As of October 5th, 80 percent of tests receive a result within 22 hours, and 95 percent within 28 hours.

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