Denmark set for ‘autumnal’ July weather… and it’s going to stay dreary

Denmark set for 'autumnal' July weather… and it’s going to stay dreary
Photo: Torben Christensen/Ritzau Scanpix
A warm and sunny weekend has given way to cooler temperatures and the coming week is expected to feel a bit like an early autumn.

The disappointing weather outlook came on Monday morning from national meteorology agency DMI.

“We had a fantastic day in the east on Sunday, ending with a bang in Jutland with a lot of rain and thunder,” DMI meteorologist Mette Wagner said.

Monday’s temperatures of between 15 and 20 degrees Celsius look set to be typical of the Danish weather for the time being.

Unstable weather during the next seven days will have “autumnal” tendencies, Wagner said.

Clouds and rain were forecast for the majority of the country on Monday.

“Everyone will see the sun before the day is over, but some will have to be more patient than others,” Wagner said.

Tuesday will be primarily windy and rainy although the sun may peak through the clouds in some places.

“(Tuesday) will not be a good July day, but a warm autumn day,” Wagner said.


Although temperatures may creep over 20 degrees by the end of the week, the September vibe will probably remain, with the frequency of showers slowly increasing.

“On Thursday on Friday it won’t matter where you are in the country, you’re better off inside with a good book,” the meteorologist said.

The inclement weather can be blamed on a cold front over the North Sea moving across Denmark from the west.

Meteorologists are unsure of when sun and summer might make a return to Denmark.

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