This is where foreigners in Denmark are going for their summer holidays

This is where foreigners in Denmark are going for their summer holidays
One American respondent planned to cycle around Bornholm. Photo: Destination Bornholm
Despite travel in Europe opening up, nearly half the foreigners who answered our survey are planning on spending the summer in Denmark this year, with many planning to go on tour and "discover new areas" of the country.
Out of the 100 foreigners who responded to the survey, 34 planned to “travel within Denmark”, eight were staying at home and not taking a holiday, and two were planning on using their home as a base for short trips around the country.
In addition, about 20 of those who planned to holiday outside of Denmark, also planned to travel within Denmark. 
Of the 53 planning to travel in Denmark, ten hoped to go to Skagen, six were planning on visiting the island of Bornholm, three were planning on going to the island of Møn in southeast Denmark, two were planning on visiting the island of Samsø. Others were staying at summer houses in Zealand and Jutland. 
Several were planning on camping, a few in the free shelters scattered around parts of Denmark, and some wanted to use the chance to visit theme parks such as Legoland and museums without the crowds. 
“Just done Legoland with the kids yesterday, it's so quiet and just a few rides not running,” said Michael Saunders from the UK. “28 rides in one day.” 
Skagen in North Jutland was one of the most popular destinations. Photo: Henning Bagger/Ritzau Scanpix
Maria Andrianova, from Russia, said she saw advantages to having  to holiday in Denmark, and said that as well as saving money and having a less stressful holiday, she was looking forward to “exploring places in Denmark we haven't visited yet”. 
“We've been living here less than three years, so we are still quite fresh, and there are many things we still haven't seen and done here,” she explains. 
“It is good to explore the culture and the beautiful places in Denmark,” says Christina, from Greece. “Denmark is beautiful country, you can rent a car and you can go to some beautiful places. It is good to get to know the place were we live.” 
“Excited for my first Danish summer which has so far been absolutely lovely,” said Robbie, from the UK. 
Others pointed to the environmental benefits of not flying, and the chance to reappraise the way people live today. 
Most people were taking relatively short holidays by Scandinavian standards, with 32 of the 98 respondents taking two weeks, 28 taking three weeks, and 15 taking only one. 
Of the 50 who are planning on taking advantage of Denmark's relaxed recommendations on travel into Europe, the overwhelming majority were going back to their home countries to visit friends and family. 
The most popular country for European travel was Germany, which was the intended destination of 21 percent of those who shared their plans, followed by Norway and Italy on about 10 percent each. 
Some European travellers planned to take advantage of the unusually empty tourist destinations.
“We thought, 'where did we always want to go, but didn’t because of the crowds?'Venice, Gondola ride.” says Chris from America.
Others planned a ferry cruise from Copenhagen to Oslo, a bicycle tour in the black forest of Germany, a drive around the Alps, 
 For those planning on staying in Denmark, a lot depends on the weather. 
” I was super happy last week because it was sunny and warm, but the forecast says it´s going to rain the rest of July… so… I feel pretty low right now,” says Vanessa Lima from Brazil.

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