Sales of sex toys double in Denmark during coronavirus shutdown

Sales of sex toys in Denmark have more than doubled after people in the country were told to stay at home to reduce the spread of coronavirus, according to Sinful, the biggest retailer of sex toys in the Nordics.

Sales of sex toys double in Denmark during coronavirus shutdown
According to the company, in the first six days of April sales in Denmark rose 110 percent compared to the same period in the previous year. 
This compared to growth of 121 percent in Norway, and relatively lacklustre growth of 78 percent in Sweden. 
“We have seen an extraordinary interest in sex toys for couples,” said the company's founder and co-owner Mathilde Mackowski. “Especially our multiple-day sex challenges have been very popular, and they are our top sellers right now.” 
The multiple-day products, such as the '10 Day Love Challenge' or ‘4 Weeks of Pleasure', work, she said, a bit like a Christmas calendar, with a different product hidden in different boxes. 
“People are using these challenges to have more daily fun instead of just having one product.” 
She said she was pleased that her business, which is based in Højbjerg outside Aarhus, was helping people to come through what is a difficult time for everyone. 
“I think we need positive vibes in our life, and more fun. We need to feel each other and be together at a higher level than normal,” she said. 
“The reason for the lockdown makes me sad. But it makes me smile that we are doing something good during this difficult time, when people feel vulnerable.”
The retailer typically sells about 1,500 packages to online customers across the Nordic region. Sales doubled overall in the first week of April compared to last year. 
Mathilde Mackowski, the founder of the online sex toy retailer Sinful. Photo: Sinful

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Danish health chief gives OK to lockdown love: ‘Sex is good. Sex is healthy’

Denmark's health chief has made it clear that Denmark's strict approach to social distancing does not extend to sex, either casual or in a steady relationship.

Danish health chief gives OK to lockdown love: 'Sex is good. Sex is healthy'
Søren Brostrøm puts some of Danes' worries to rest during Monday's press conference. Photo: Niels Christian Vilmann/Ritzau Scanpix
At a press conference on Monday, Søren Brostrøm, The Director General of the Danish Health Authority, said that even singles who have a relatively high number of different sexual partners should not feel inhibited by social distancing measures. 
“Sex is good. Sex is healthy. We are sexual beings, and of course you can have sex in this situation,” he said. “As with any other human contact, there is a risk of infection. But of course one must be able to have sex.” 
Coronavirus enters the respiratory tract by the inhalation of droplets, and is not spread via semen or vaginal fluid, but the physical closeness involved in sex clearly brings a risk of inhaling the virus. 
Kåre Mølbak, professional director at Denmark's SSI infectious diseases agency, said that the social distancing guidelines in Denmark should nonetheless not discourage either dating or full-blown sexual encounters. 
“I don't think there is a ban on meeting. That is only in relation to larger assemblies. So in that way, I think there is still the opportunity to have that kind of contact, and especially with a permanent partner,” he said.