Updated: Copenhagen motorway closure not caused by rock throwing

Copenhagen Police responded on Friday morning to reports of stones being thrown from a bridge over the Øresund Motorway just outside the city.

Updated: Copenhagen motorway closure not caused by rock throwing
File photo: Henning Bagger/Ritzau Scanpix

The motorway was briefly closed on one side, delaying traffic heading into the capital, as police followed up reports that rocks had been dropped from the bridge.

The closure was effective between junctions 18 and 19 of the motorway, which was fully open again by 8am.

But further investigation revealed that an object thrown or dropped from a bridge could not have been the cause of the initial alert, police said.

“A motorist called us because his rear window was not smashed, but completely cracked. It happened as he drove under a motorway bridge,” duty officer Henrik Brix said.

Closer examination of the vehicle proved this could not have been caused by a dropped rock, Brix said.

“It's not physically possible. It is a near-vertical rear windscreen, and you can't throw a stone from a bridge and hit that type of rear windscreen on a motorway,” he said.

The impact was likely caused by a stone thrown up by a car travelling on the opposite side of the motorway, according to the officer's assessment.

“We have looked into this matter and have lifted the road closure,” Copenhagen Police tweeted early on Friday in regard to the incident.

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Driving in Denmark: Police probe more ‘falling objects’ from motorway bridges

South Jutland police are investigating another incident in which a driver's car was hit by an unspecified object that fell from a motorway bridge.

Driving in Denmark: Police probe more 'falling objects' from motorway bridges
File photo: Mads Claus Rasmussen/Ritzau Scanpix

Police are inquiring as to whether a crime may be behind the incident, which left a crack on the car’s windscreen, local media Horsens Folkeblad reports.

Recent years have seen a string of incidents in which rocks have been thrown from motorway bridges into oncoming traffic. Once such act resulted in the death of a German woman who was a passenger in a vehicle which was hit. The case, which is being treated as murder, is yet to be solved.

The latest episode occurred when a woman from Svendborg on the island of Funen drove under a bridge on the Danish motorway at around 9:40am on Thursday.

Her car received a crack to the windscreen around three centimetres in length, but the woman was able to keep the vehicle and control and continue driving. She reported the incident shortly afterwards, inspector Lars Peter Madsen of South East Jutland Police confirmed to Horsens Folkeblad.

“We are taking this quite seriously because it is potentially very dangerous to be hit by a rock on the motorway,” Madsen said.

The inspector added he hoped for potential witnesses who may have seen something on the bridge, which is on the Bredalsvej road near Hedensted, to come forward.

On Wednesday this week, a similar incident saw a car hit by an unidentified object on the E45 motorway in South Jutland, close to the exit for Christiansfeld.

In that instance, the car’s sunroof was smashed but nobody was injured.

Police subsequently closed the motorway in order to search an extended area, but this did not turn up any further information.

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