QUIZ: Which of these life-changing places should you visit?

Don't be sad that summer's nearly over. Start planning your next trip instead!

QUIZ: Which of these life-changing places should you visit?

Travel is transformative – it has the power to change you and the way you see the world. Together with Lufthansa, The Local has picked five life-changing places to inspire your next trip. Take the quiz to find out which one best suits your personality. 

<section> <h2>  </h2> <p> Which of these life-changing places should you visit?</p> </section><section> <h2>  </h2> <p> Lofoten Islands</p> <p>  </p> <p> It would be no exaggeration to describe Norway’s Lofoten Islands as breathtaking. Think dramatic mountains, colourful fishing villages, sheltered bays and the vast open sea, all illuminated by the unique Arctic light. Enjoy the slower pace in this picturesque archipelago and return to your regular life with new perspective.</p> </section><section> <h3>  </h3> <p> Mexico City</p> <p>  </p> <p> Each of Mexico City’s many neighbourhoods has its own distinctive character, like cool Condesa with its sidewalk cafes or Polanco with its world-class restaurants and the superb Soumaya Museum. Whatever you’re looking for, with a little research you’re bound to find it. It’s a city that will shake up everything you think you know about Mexico and open your eyes to the country’s abundance of culture and culinary delights.</p> </section><section> <h3>  </h3> <p> Bordeaux</p> <p>  </p> <p> This elegant, picturesque ‘wine capital of the world’ is one of France’s most celebrated gems. Bordeaux has the peaceful pace of the countryside as well as a busy city centre packed with restaurants and bars. It’s unmissable and just one small sip of its world-famous wine could change your palate forever.</p> </section><section> <h3>  </h3> <p> Cape Town</p> <p>  </p> <p> <span style=”color: rgb(33, 33, 33);”>Also known as the ‘Mother City’, Cape Town is breathtakingly beautiful with a trendy twist. The coastal city in South Africa is cosmopolitan but also quintessentially African. With its craggy mountain ranges, exquisite beaches and stunning scenery, it’s truly one of the world’s most life-changing places.</span></p> </section><section> <h3>  </h3> <p> New York City</p> <p>  </p> <p> Fast-paced and diverse with some of the world’s best cuisine and culture, New York City deserves its nickname ‘the city that never sleeps’. Just being in NYC, soaking in its electric atmosphere and experiencing everything it has to offer will no doubt leave its mark on you for good.</p> </section><section> <h2>  </h2> <p> When visiting somewhere new, you most enjoy…</p> </section><section> <h3>  </h3> <p> Pick a dish.</p> </section><section> <h3>  </h3> <p> What do you do at parties?</p> </section><section> <h3>  </h3> <p> Plan a first date.</p> </section><section> <h3>  </h3> <p> Describe your personal style.</p> </section>

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Could Oslo-Copenhagen overnight train be set for return?

A direct overnight rail service between the Norwegian and Danish capitals has not operated since 2001, but authorities in Oslo are considering its return.

Norway’s transport minister Knut Arild Hareide has asked the country’s railway authority Jernbanedirektoratet to investigate the options for opening a night rail connection between Oslo and Copenhagen.

An answer is expected by November 1st, after which the Norwegian government will decide whether to go forward with the proposal to directly link the two Nordic capitals by rail.

Jernbanedirektoratet is expected to assess a timeline for introducing the service along with costs, market and potential conflicts with other commercial services covering the route.

“I hope we’ll secure a deal. Cross-border trains are exciting, including taking a train to Malmö, Copenhagen and onwards to Europe,” Hareide told Norwegian broadcaster NRK.

The minister said he envisaged either a state-funded project or a competition awarding a contract for the route’s operation to the best bidder.

A future Oslo-Copenhagen night train rests on the forthcoming Jernbanedirektoratet report and its chances of becoming a reality are therefore unclear. But the Norwegian rail authority earlier this year published a separate report on ways in which passenger train service options from Norway to Denmark via Sweden can be improved.

“We see an increasing interest in travelling out of Norway by train,” Jernbanedirektoratet project manager  Hanne Juul said in a statement when the report was published in January.

“A customer study confirmed this impression and we therefore wish to make it simpler to take the train to destinations abroad,” Juul added.

Participants in the study said that lower prices, fewer connections and better information were among the factors that would encourage them to choose the train for a journey abroad.

Norway’s rail authority also concluded that better international cooperation would optimise cross-border rail journeys, for example by making journey and departure times fit together more efficiently.

The Femahrn connection between Denmark and Germany, currently under construction, was cited as a factor which could also boost the potential for an overland rail connection from Norway to mainland Europe.

Night trains connected Oslo to Europe via Copenhagen with several departures daily as recently as the late 1990s, but the last such night train between the two cities ran in 2001 amid dwindling demand.

That trend has begun to reverse in recent years due in part to an increasing desire among travellers to select a greener option for their journey than flying.

Earlier this summer, a new overnight train from Stockholm to Berlin began operating. That service can be boarded by Danish passengers at Høje Taastrup near Copenhagen.

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