Danish politician goes viral with video offering Trump ‘great deal’ on windmills

A Danish politician has aimed to take advantage of Donald Trump's recent focus on Greenland by teaching the US president a thing or two about wind power.

Danish politician goes viral with video offering Trump 'great deal' on windmills
Photo: screengrab/Twitter

Trump caused consternation in Denmark this week by cancelling a scheduled state visit to the country after Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen dismissed his suggestions the US could purchase Greenland.

Selling Greenland may be out of the question but Ida Auken, a member of the centre-left Social Liberal (Radikale Venstre) party and former environment minister, says in a video posted to Twitter earlier this week that she has a much better deal to offer Trump: wind power.

The video has been liked 7,300 times and retweeted 3,200 times as of Friday afternoon. Auken’s tweets are generally not RT’ed more than around 30 times.

“Mr. President. I want to present you to the greatest deal you’ve ever seen,” Auken begins in the video.

“I thought I might get your attention by standing next to this bird-killing, cancer-causing, blackout-generating, wind energy-producing beast here,” the Danish parliamentarian continues, tongue firmly in cheek, as she stands in front of a wind turbine.

She goes on to point out that there is no scientific evidence that wind turbines cause cancer, neither do they cause blackouts (as Trump has repeatedly claimed).

Auken outlines in the video the potential for using wind power in the United States and its low cost for generating energy relative to coal.

“Here’s an example. The North Sea region—that’s the sea on top of Europe—can produce twice as much electricity as all the coal-fired power plants of Europe combined. And look, it’s smaller than Nebraska.

“Imagine the possibilities in all of your great United States of America,” the MP says.

“Listen to science. Listen to your wallet. And make a new deal,” she urges the president.

“So, Mr. President. We know you can do this. Just grab… your pen, sign a deal, and let’s save the climate,” she concludes.

Trump is so far yet to respond to Auken’s appeal.

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Denmark and Baltic countries plan ‘seven times more’ offshore wind energy

Denmark and other nations bordering the Baltic Sea will announce on Tuesday a plan to dramatically boost offshore wind energy by 2030. 

Denmark and Baltic countries plan 'seven times more' offshore wind energy

Today, just under 3 gigawatts are generated in the Baltic Sea, about half of which is Danish energy. An additional 1,100 to 1,700 offshore wind turbines will be needed to bring the total energy capacity to nearly 20 gigawatts in 2030.

A joint agreement to reach these levels in coming years is to be announced by participating countries on Tuesday, according to newspaper Politiken.

The newspaper reports a draft declaration it has seen in relation to the agreement, which will be presented at a summit at the Danish prime minister’s residence, Marienborg, north of Copenhagen on Tuesday.

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Should the amount of additional energy reported by Politiken be produced, as many as 22 to 30 million households could see their energy needs covered by wind power.

Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen talked up the importance of wind power in comments to Politiken.

“The war in Ukraine and climate change are being met with now. We have two crises on the table at the same time. We need to speed up green energy conversion and we need to free ourselves from Russian fossil fuels,” she said.

Frederiksen is participating in the summit on behalf of Denmark. Senior officials and leaders and from Germany, Poland, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia and the EU Commission will also attend.

The summit was earlier scheduled to take place on Denmark’s Baltic island Bornholm but was moved due to a strike at Bornholm’s airport, which was not resolved until late on Monday.

A total of 2.8 gigawatts of wind power are currently produced in the Baltic Sea according to the Danish energy ministry.

Potentially, that could be increased to 93 gigawatts by 2050, an EU Commission assessment has found.

Earlier this year, Frederiksen hosted a green energy summit in western Danish city Esbjerg, at which the government signed an agreement with Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany for a ten-fold increase of offshore wind power capacity in the North Sea to 150 gigawatts by 2050.

On Monday, the Danish parliament voted through plans to increase production wind energy at a wind turbine park off Bornholm from 2 to 3 gigawatts. The facility will be connected to Germany.