Don’t go into Danish waters alone, emergency services warn

Don’t go into Danish waters alone, emergency services warn
A lifeguard station in Blokhus. Photo: Henning Bagger / Ritzau Scanpix
With warm sunshine set to return to Denmark following a cooler spell, lifeguards are advising against solo swimming dips off the country’s coasts.

Bathing alone is an unnecessary risk and should not be done without checking weather conditions, according to the head of Trygfonden Kystlivredning, Denmark’s coastal lifeguard corps.

“It’s important to take care during periods such as this. Never swim alone, since no one will be able to help if you get into trouble,” Trygfonden Kystlivredning head of operations Lasse Serup Jensby said.

“If you are on your own, choose a beach which has lifeguards present,” Jensby continued.

Swimming alone should particularly be avoided in dangerous weather, making it important to check conditions before heading out, the lifeguard corps manager said.

“You might be surprised by the local conditions. There may be high waves or extra wind on the day, creating a situation you are not used to,” he said.

“When the wind blows, large waves and strong currents can result. If you are unfortunate enough to be dragged further out by currents or rip tides, it is important to stay calm and use the waves to get back to the beach,” Jensby added.

Lifeguards advise five key approaches to swimming at Danish beaches and coasts: learn to swim; never go into the water alone; read the water and the wind; familiarize yourself with the beach; and do not let children out of sight.

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