Unpredictable Danish weather set for change on Thursday

Unpredictable Danish weather set for change on Thursday
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A change in weather patterns on Thursday could either bring warm sunshine or cool, rainy days.

Friday’s Great Prayer Day (Store Bededag) public holiday could therefore be wet or sunny, DMI meteorologist Frank Nielsen said.

“Thursday will bring a marked shift in the weather, as the wind changes direction and will be coming from southeast Europe,” Nielsen said.

“That will bring much warmer air, but unfortunately also more clouds, which may contain rain,” the meteorologist said.

Cool, sunny weather is expected prior to Thursday.

“We will have between 10 and 13 degrees (Celsius) (on Monday), and could see one degree below zero at night,” Nielsen said.

A northerly wind is the source of the current cold, dry air. But some rain is also possible on Monday.

“Showers are possible on Funen and Zealand. The wind will be mild to moderate,” DMI’s forecaster said.

Temperatures will increase on Tuesday and Wednesday to around 14-17°C.

Sun and dry weather are also forecast on those days.

But the arrival of the new weather pattern on Thursday is not a guarantee for colder weather, Nielsen added.

“If things suddenly clear up on Thursday or Friday, it could well be up to 20 degrees (Celsius),” he said.

“But if it is cloudy, the temperature will more likely be around 15 degrees.”

Unpredictable weather is typical in the month of May, according to Nielsen.

“If we look at last year, in which a long drought had already begun in May, this is a much more typical May (in terms of weather),” he said.

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