Danish Word of the Day: lækkersulten

Danish Word of the Day: lækkersulten
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Feeling peckish for vocab? Today's Danish word of the day will whet your appetite.

Why do I need to know lækkersulten?

Lækkersulten is a compound word which describes a specific type of hunger. In other words, it’s a way of saying you want chocolate or ice cream without actually saying you want chocolate or ice cream.

So what does it mean?

Lækkersulten is a compound of two words, lækker (tasty) and sulten (hungry), so literally means to have hunger for something that tastes good.

It is not used when you’re about to eat a full meal – then you would simply be sulten. So to be lækkersulten is to crave a tasty snack.

How do I use it?

You can use lækkersulten as an adjective to describe yourself or others.

For example:

Jeg var så lækkersulten, jeg var simpelthen nødt til at købe chips. 'I was so snack-hungry, I simply had to buy a packet of chips/crisps'.

Er du lækkersulten? Så går jeg ned i kiosken og køber lidt chokolade. 'Are you tasty-hungry? I can go down to the convenience store and get some chocolate.'

The word can also be used to clarify what you want to eat or your level of hunger.

Vi kan godt lave aftensmad nu, hvis du er sulten.
Jeg vil hellere vente lidt – lige nu er jeg bare lidt lækkersulten.

’We can make dinner now, if you’re hungry?’
‘I’d rather wait a while – I’m only snack-hungry at the moment.’


You may also hear småsulten being used in similar contexts to lækkersulten. Småsulten replaces ‘hungry’ with ‘small’ in the compound-adjective. The difference between the two is nuanced, but småsulten is perhaps less likely to be used in reference to junk foods.

Jeg er småsulten – vil du også have en rugbrødsmad?
’I’m snack-hungry – would you also like some rye bread with topping?’

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