Denmark to enjoy warm weekend before cold weather returns

Denmark to enjoy warm weekend before cold weather returns
Photo: Hans Chr. Gabelgaard/Ritzau Scanpix
Saturday and Sunday will bring temperatures in double figures on the Celsius scale, along with sunshine.

Cold weather is set to make a comeback next week, however, according to national meteorological agency DMI’s forecast.

Temperatures will range between 13 and 17 degree Celsius on Saturday and Sunday, and the sun is expected shine in a cloudless sky in most of the country.

“It will be very pleasant spring weather with a few regional variations,” DMI’s Frank Nielsen said.

“Friday evening and night will see a lot of clouds, as well as rain in several places – probably mostly in the northeast. But don’t be too concerned if you get up (on Saturday) and things look grey,” Nielsen continued.

Blue skies are expected to take over during Saturday morning, according to DMI.

A fresh wind will increase during the course of the weekend, particularly on Sunday. That will give a cooler feel to the weather at times, particularly on the coasts.

The current mild weather is a result of warm weather travelling across Denmark from central and eastern Europe.

But that is likely to change next week, Nielsen said.

“From Sunday night, noticeably colder air will come in from northern Scandinavia. That will cause a drop in temperature, probable frost and generally less stable weather,” the DMI meteorologist said.

“This weekend’s weather should be enjoyed, because it might be a while before these temperatures return,” he added.

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