Time’s nearly up: Join The Local Denmark today for special discount price

Time's nearly up: Join The Local Denmark today for special discount price
From Tuesday March 5th readers of the The Local Denmark will have to pay a small contribution to get full access to the site. Take advantage of the limited 30 percent off early bird offer before it's over.

The Local Denmark is following in the footsteps of our sister sites around Europe by asking regular readers to become paying Members.

Those who pay a small contribution to become Members will get full access to all articles on the site, as well as exclusive features that are only for those who have joined.

Additionally, the amount of advertising, including pop-ups, that appear on the site will be reduced significantly for readers logged in as Members.

If you want to know about why are taking this step then you can read this article, but one of our primary aims is to continue to grow amid an increasingly tough media landscape and not have to rely on advertising revenue.

The experience we've already had with our sites in Sweden, Germany, France, Italy and Spain, where we have over 9,000 members, tells us that this will be a positive move that will make us more accountable to readers and improve what we do.

From today, you can join The Local Denmark by taking advantage of our “Early Bird” offer.

The offer, which gives you 30 percent off the price of annual membership, is to give loyal readers the chance to join at a cheaper rate before we introduce the paywall at the beginning of March. The special offer is time limited.

That means if you are in Denmark you can sign up today for 245 kroner, rather than the normal annual price of 350 kroner.

If you are are outside Denmark you can pay €34.99 for the first year of annual Membership instead of €49.99. Please note, if you are in the US or the UK the money will be taken in your local currency.

You can also join and pay a monthly rate and effectively get the first month free.

If you've read enough you can join now by CLICKING HERE to see the sign up page. Your support is much appreciated.

Why membership is a positive for readers

Our Membership scheme is not just about having to balance the books amid stiff competition for ad revenues.
We want to be in a position to offer more insight into this wonderful country and to cover the news our readers need in more detail. We want to explain how the country works and give people the advice they need to navigate their life in Denmark. 
This can include some of the everyday challenges facing internationals and newcomers to Denmark: finding rented accommodation, applying for residency or citizenship, looking for work and building a network of Danish friends and professional contacts, to name just a few examples. And we'll be redoubling our efforts to speak up for the international residents of Denmark when they need our help.
Meanwhile, we will continue to cover Denmark's news in English as rigorously as we can, so you can keep up with the country's politics, culture and society.
Membership is also motivated by our desire for our readers to become more involved in what we do and how we do it. We want to tell your stories and write about your experiences living in Denmark. In other words, we hope you will think of your monthly or yearly payment not as a fee, but as an investment.
From my point of view, a major positive about asking readers to pay is that the responsibility will make us improve what we do. By extension, if we can reduce our reliance on advertising we won't need to chase the clicks like many others do. We can concentrate on the stories that matter.
Join now or if you have any questions, please feel free to email our team at [email protected].
Thank you for reading.
Michael Barrett,
Editor, The Local Denmark


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