‘Blood rain’ could fall as weather phenomenon reaches Denmark

'Blood rain' could fall as weather phenomenon reaches Denmark
File photo: REUTERS/Toby Melville/Ritzau Scanpix
Winds containing dust picked up in the Sahara Desert could result in an unusual colour of weather in Denmark on Tuesday night.

The phenomenon, known as ‘blood rain’, could reach the Scandinavian country on Tuesday night.

“In large parts of Denmark, but particularly in Jutland, we could wake up to a fine layer of red dust on our cars early tomorrow,” Thomas Mørk, meteorologist with TV2, said.

The red dust is carried to Denmark on a mild westerly wind, Mørk said.

“This air has been blown all the way from Africa, over the Canary Islands and in across the North Sea. It has gathered up dust, and the dust particles have been mixed with raindrops,” he said.

“When the drops evaporate, just the dust will be left, forming a reddish glow,” he added.

Although that sounds exotic, the phenomenon is not actually uncommon in Denmark, according to the meteorologist.

“We see it a couple of times a year. Either in warm summer weather because of wind from Africa, or if a mild wind comes in spring,” he said.

Denmark last saw blood rain in April 2018, but the weather type occurs more regularly in southern Europe.

Temperatures of 3-7°C and a mild wind are forecast by national meteorological agency DMI for Tuesday night.

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