Sunny Saturday forecast in Denmark for first weekend of 2019

Sunny Saturday forecast in Denmark for first weekend of 2019
File photo: Mads Claus Rasmussen/Scanpix 2018
The first weekend in January is forecast to be warm for the time of year.

Mixed weather with both sunshine and clouds is predicted, with temperatures warm during the day and possible frost at night, Jesper Eriksen of the Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI) said.

“In Friday, the wind will feel annoying. There will be moderate to strong northwesterly winds, reaching gale force on the west coast,” Eriksen said.

“The good news is that it will mostly stay dry, despite the many clouds in the sky all day,” the meteorologist added.

Friday’s temperatures are forecast at between 3-8 degrees Celsius, with Friday night only a little colder.

On Saturday, the strong winds will gradually fall away, while the day will also bring the greatest chance of sunny spells throughout the weekend.

“If you like sunshine and not so much wind, then Saturday will be the best day of the weekend,” Eriksen said.

“Temperatures will land between five and seven degrees (Celsius), so the weather will be lovely if you want to go out for a walk,” he added.

Saturday night may see temperatures drop to approaching freezing point, particularly in eastern parts of the country.

Relatively warm temperatures for the time of year are also forecast for Sunday, however. Between 4-8°C is predicted due to warmer air coming in from the west.

“We have promised temperature between two and five degrees (Celsius) on Sunday night, but it may drop to freezing point locally. So it is a good idea to be alert,” Eriksen said.

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