Teenagers confess to arson after Danish train carriage fire

Two boys and two girls have admitted to starting a fire that tore through several train carriages near the train station in Fredericia on Monday.

Teenagers confess to arson after Danish train carriage fire
Firefighters near the burning carriages on Monday. Photo: Claus Fisker/Ritzau Scanpix

The boys are aged 13 and 16 while the two girls are both 15, police said.

“They have given matching accounts saying that they were at the location and that they started the fire, so they have admitted to the events that actually took place,” duty officer Jørn Bystrup said.

The two girls and the older boy have been charged with arson under Danish criminal law.

The prosecution authority found there was no need to hold them in custody.

“That is partly because there are no contradictions in their statements,” Bystrup said.

Police tracked down the four teenagers with the help of information provided by the public, he also confirmed.

Local media Jydske Vestkysten reported that videos were sent on Snapchat showing four young people with a small fire on a seat inside one of the carriages.

Members of the public were initially advised to stay indoors as the carriages burned on Monday afternoon, due to concerns about potential dangerous chemicals in the smoke.

Fire services later said there was no asbestos in the fumes.

Forensic investigation of the train carriages will take place in the coming days.

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Danish firefighters to help tackle blaze in Greenland

38 firefighters from Denmark have been sent to Greenland in an attempt to put out a wildfire currently burning on the Arctic island.

Danish firefighters to help tackle blaze in Greenland
Ukkusissat in western Greenland. File photo: Linda Kastrup/Ritzau Scanpix

The firefighters will travel to Greenland, and autonomous territory of Denmark, in a Hercules aircraft supplied by the Danish military.

They will help local emergency services to fight wildfires which have blazed since the beginning of July and are persisting in peaty subterranean areas between Sisimiut and Kangerlussuaq, in the western part of Greenland.

Authorities in Greenland took the step of requesting help from Denmark last weekend.

“I think it’s important for us to help and support Greenland when they ask for our help,” Danish defence minister Trine Bramsen said.

“We have a very special bond throughout our kingdom, so I listen extra carefully when the call for help comes from Greenland,” Bramsen added.

The Danish contingent consists of 16 national service soldiers, 8 volunteers and 14 specialist full-time firefighters, said Jens Oddershede, leader of the international section of the Danish Emergency Management Agency (Beredskabsstyrelsen).

“They will be particularly tasked with establishing a breakage line to contain the fire and stop it spreading further,” Oddershede said.

The Danish mission is expected to last around 14 days and cost up to 3 million kroner.

Police in Greenland believe the wildfire to have started on July 8th, caused by a smoking oven.

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