Grey week awaits in Denmark with white Christmas ‘far away’

Grey week awaits in Denmark with white Christmas 'far away'
File photo: Claus Fisker/Ritzau Scanpix
Denmark’s national meteorological agency is not optimistic about the chances of a white Christmas.

This week will see very grey weather leading up to the Christmas holidays, according to the Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI).

“We are well and truly in the grip of grey weather this week. The weather will be dominated by a lot of grey clouds because weak fronts will be moving in from the southwest,” DMI’s duty meteorologist Jesper Eriksen said early on Monday.

“If the sun comes out this week, it will only be for short periods. So enjoy it if you can,” Eriksen added.

Temperature will be between one and five degrees Celsius throughout the week, so any precipitation, as is predicted from Tuesday, will be in the form of rain.

The only snow expected to fall this week has already done so – during the early hours of Monday in Vendsyssel, northern Jutland.

“It will be exciting to see if any children in Vendsyssel will be able to go sledding on Monday morning. There’s not been much of that this December,” Eriksen said.

The overcast nature of the weather means that differences between daytime and night time temperatures are small, and Tuesday is the only morning predicted to produce frost.

Winds, calm at the beginning of the week, will pick up from Wednesday with a moderate to strong southeasterly direction.

“Wednesday could feel colder than thermometers suggest,” Eriksen said.

With Christmas just around the corner, Eriksen speculated on whether the weather might have a festive surprise in store – but was less than optimistic.

“Right now, a white Christmas across the country seems, very, very far away. It seems a milder weather system is on its way to Denmark at the end of the week,” he said.

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