Gloves and scarves out as winter hits Denmark

Gloves and scarves out as winter hits Denmark
Some cold and windy days are forecast this week. File photo: Henning Bagger/Ritzau Scanpix
A cold and windy start to the week means winter clothing is likely to be coming out of storage for many in Denmark.

But relatively warm sea temperatures will prevent frost and snow for now, with a slight uptick in conditions towards the middle of the week, according to the Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI).

“The first days (of the week) look cold and windy with temperatures around five degrees (Celsius) during daytime. The wind will be moderate in most of the country,” duty meteorologist Bolette Brødsgaard told Ritzau, adding that temperatures up to gale force were possible in coastal areas.

Southern parts of the country will see some rain on Monday and Tuesday, but gumboots and umbrellas are unlikely to necessary elsewhere, according to DMI’s forecast.

The temperature on Monday night will be between two and five degrees Celsius.

“We will avoid frost at the start of the week, partly because of cloud cover and partly because of the windy conditions. The warm sea is also keeping temperatures up,” Brødsgaard said.

Although the winter wind will calm on Wednesday, daytime temperatures will remain around 5°C.

“The weather will be a bit more pleasant then, and the wind will be gone by Thursday. That means there will be some chance of frost locally around next weekend, since there will be gaps in the cloud cover,” Brødsgaard said.

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