Here is Denmark’s most beautiful country manor

Here is Denmark’s most beautiful country manor
Voergaard Slot. Photo: Kai Sender/Wikimedia Commons
Voergaard Slot in North Jutland has been named Denmark's most beautiful mansion in a vote in which as many as 10,000 people took part.

The manor narrowly saw off the challenge of runner-up Lynderupgård, which is in the Vesthimmerland region, TV2 reports.

Historiske Huse (Historical Houses), an organisation that promotes protected and historical buildings in Denmark, arranged the competition.

A total of 17 mansions were nominated for the award and only 30 votes separated first and second place, TV2 writes.

“Voergaard is a worthy winner and a fantastic representative for North Jutland. The house was built in the 16th century and is impressively well preserved, and you can clearly see how it was built with a view to (military) defence in unstable times,” Historiske Huse president Birthe Iuel told TV2.

“It is also fantastic that this is a place that is open to the public and is supported by a lot of volunteers from North Jutland,” Iuel added.

There are around 770 manors scattered across Denmark, of which 300 are protected. Four experts picked out the 17 finalists for the Historiske Huse vote, TV2 writes.

Voergaard picked up 17 percent of the vote.

The renaissance-style mansion is surrounded by Denmark’s widest moat. Its last owner, Count Ejnar Oberbech-Clausen, died in 1963. The manor is now owned by a foundation, is open to the public and houses Denmark’s largest private art collection, including works by Rubens and Rafael.

Historiske Huse, which works for public recognition of buildings of cultural and historical significance in Denmark, has previously run competitions to find the country’s most beautiful market town, village, rectory, farm and private residence.

“We hope the public’s eyes are opened to the many beautiful manors to be found across the country,” Iuel told TV2 of the latest vote to be arranged by the organisation.

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