Here’s what the ‘average’ Dane looks like

Here’s what the 'average' Dane looks like
People in Aalborg watching Denmark in World Cup action this summer. Photo: Henning Bagger/Ritzau Scanpix
Denmark's national data agency has collated its figures to form an overview of the 'average' Dane - statistically speaking.

The average person in Denmark is called Nielsen and is 41.5 years old, according to Statistics Denmark.

Gross average earnings of people living in Denmark are 320,040 kroner, while the ‘average’ person also travels by car and visits their doctor or dentist ten times in a year, the agency writes on its website.

Anne and Peter were found to be the most common names, with Nielsen the most common surname. The average life expectancy for men is 79.0 years and for women 82.9 years.

46.4 percent of people aged over 18 are married, and 46.8 percent of all marriages end in divorce, with failed marriages lasting an average of 12.6 years. The average age for first-time newlyweds is 32.4 years for women and 34.9 years for men.

Women give birth to their first child at the average age of 29.2 years, while the average age for all women giving birth is 30.8 years. A new dad is 33.3 years old on average.

The most common name for newborn babies is currently Ida for girls and William for boys. Couples in Denmark have an average of 1.75 children.

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The agency also collated information about what people in Denmark do in their spare time. In 2017, the most commonly-watched movie was Star Wars: The Last Jedi, with 470,000 cinema tickets sold. The ‘average’ Dane goes to the cinema 2.4 times in a year.

The most popular holiday destination for Danes is Spain: 18 percent of all 2017 Danish vacations lasting over four days were taken in the Iberian country.

Meanwhile, four out of five people between the ages of 16 and 74 have an active social media profile, and the majority also stream music online: six out of ten women and seven out of ten men. Nine out of ten family households are online.

897,000 changes of address were registered in Denmark in 2017, with one in eight people changing residence each year. 57 percent of people live in privately-owned homes and an average of 2.2 people live in each household.

One in nine people are admitted to hospital each year, and average numbers of visits to the doctor and dentist total 10.5 annually.

The average cost of energy in 2016 was 13,400 kroner per person, with 4,200 kroner spent on diesel and petrol and 4,300 kroner on electricity. 77 percent of all road journeys are made by car – perhaps the most surprising stat of all, given the strong cycling culture and Danes’ fondness for travelling on two wheels.

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