‘Indian summer’ to replace cold and rain in Denmark this week

'Indian summer' to replace cold and rain in Denmark this week
Photo: Liselotte Sabroe/Ritzau Scanpix
Denmark is set to enjoy a brief spell of warm and sunny weather this week.

The cold, rainy days normally associated with autumn in Denmark will make way for a little warmth and sunshine this week – if only for a short spell.

“We are going to have what is unofficially called an ‘Indian summer’. That means that, after a period with lower temperatures, we will again have warmer temperatures with sunshine and up to 20 degrees (Celsius),” DMI meteorologist Henrik Gisselø told Ritzau.

‘Indian summers’ are not an unknown phenomenon in Denmark, but late summer weather does not normally survive into the second week of October, the duty meteorologist said.

Monday will bring mostly rain and cloud, however.

“The start of the week will not be particularly good. It will rain in North Jutland, there will be clouds in the rest of the country and only 13-14 degrees. But from tomorrow, Tuesday, the sun will begin to come out,” Gisselø said.

Most of the country will feel sun’s rays on Wednesday and Thursday, though temperatures will be warmer in southern areas.

“You will have to go to South Jutland or Lolland-Falster to get 20 degrees. But there will generally be very nice weather,” the meteorologist said.

This week’s sun and warmer days should be enjoyed while they last, according to DMI.

“More clouds and rain are on the way next weekend. It will also be colder,” Gisselø said.

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