Autumnal week with windy days for Denmark

Autumnal week with windy days for Denmark
Photo: Mads Claus Rasmussen/Ritzau Scanpix
The first week of October will bring chilly temperatures and strong gusts of wind across Denmark.

Rain, clouds and some sun are also forecast, while West Jutland could see winds reach gale force on Tuesday, according to DMI forecasts.

“No completely cloud-free days or nights are forecast. Temperatures during the day will therefore remain between 10-14 degrees (Celsius) and between five and ten degrees at night,” DMI’s duty meteorologist Jesper Eriksen said on Monday morning.

Thursday and Friday may see up to 17°C, but that prediction was uncertain, Eriksen added.

Changing cloud cover and intermittent showers are likely to characterise Monday, particularly in Jutland. Thunder and hail are also a possibility in the west of the country, DMI said.

“The west coast of Jutland could see up to gale force, so maybe surfers will be pleased,” Eriksen said.

The wettest, and most windy, day of the week will be Tuesday.

“Rainclouds will move in on Monday night and there will be strong winds over the west coast of Jutland, maybe gale force,” Eriksen said.

That weather pattern will move eastwards during the day, with West Jutland thereby becoming clearer later on Tuesday.

But the windy weather in West Jutland will intensify again late on Tuesday, according to the forecast.

“We expect gusts reaching storm strength, so if anyone still has garden furniture or anything like that outside, it’s a good idea to bring it inside now,” Eriksen said.

Wednesday will see a slight improvement in conditions.

“There will be some sun, and apart from some showers at the start of the day, no rain is predicted,” the meteorologist said.

A front system reaching Denmark on Thursday may see slightly warmer weather at the end of the week.

“This is a mild warm front, but the extent of sun and cloud is currently uncertain. But we could get up to 17 degrees if the sun breaks through,” Eriksen said.

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