German Ryanair walk-out affects Danish flights

Pilots and staff employed by Ryanair in Germany are taking industrial action on Wednesday in protest at a lack of progress in negotiations over working terms.

German Ryanair walk-out affects Danish flights
A Ryanair aircraft on the tarmac in Frankfurt. Photo: Photo by Silas Stein / dpa / AFP/Ritzau Scanpix

Ryanair confirmed to AFP that 150 of the 400 flights normally departing from Germany on Wednesday had been cancelled.

Those cancellations have had a knock-on effect in Denmark, with both Copenhagen and Billund airports announcing cancellations on their websites.

The action has not been declared a strike, but is rather described as a protest ‘walk-out’. The pilot association in Germany and trade union Verdi have organised the action, Ritzau writes.

Ryanair has described the protest act as “unnecessary” and “unacceptable”, AFP reports.

Similar actions from Ryanair employees in Belgium, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal and Spain in the near future have also been mooted.

Last autumn and winter, the low-cost airline was forced to cancel as many as 20,000 flights, affecting up to 700,000 passengers, due to industrial action by employees.

A lack of pilots in Europe resulted in Ryanair’s flight staff asking for better terms. Ryanair dismissed pilot demands, which led to the subsequent staff action.

The company has since begun to reach agreements with trade unions in a number of countries, despite strained relations with employee organisations.

A recent agreement with Ireland was reached after Ryanair said it was considering moving a base and 300 jobs to Poland.

“That is how Ryanair negotiates with its staff – by scaring them and threatening them with job losses,” Markus Wahl, the vice-chair of Germany’s pilots’ union, said.

The airline said on Tuesday that further action could result in flights being moved and jobs being scrapped.

“We are not making threats. If there are ongoing flights, there will be an economic effect,” the company’s marketing director Kenny Jacobs said according to AFP’s report.

Details of cancelled flights in Denmark can be checked on the following airport websites:

Copenhagen Airport
Billund Airport

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Delays expected as Copenhagen Airport low-cost airline baggage handlers strike

Employees with Copenhagen Flight Services (CFS) at Copenhagen Airport began strike action on Monday.

Delays expected as Copenhagen Airport low-cost airline baggage handlers strike
File photo: Thomas Lekfeldt/Scanpix 2015

Staff employed by the company handle baggage for a number of low-flight airlines which operate from Copenhagen Airport, including Easyjet and Ryanair.

Copenhagen Airport confirmed the strikes on Monday morning.

The strikes will “in all likelihood” lead to flight delays, according to the airport’s head of press communications Kasper Hyllested.

Hyllested said that a number of members of staff with Copenhagen Flight Services had been in industrial meetings, but no reason for the strike has been specified by CFS.

The company carries out baggage services for low-cost airlines such as Ryanair and Easyjet, which operate through a single concourse at the airport.

CFS has confirmed the strike to Copenhagen airport but has not given any information on its expected duration.

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