Sun and warm temperatures to dominate start of autumn in Denmark

Sun and warm temperatures to dominate start of autumn in Denmark
File photo: Mads Claus Rasmussen/Ritzau Scanpix
The first week of September is set to be a pleasant one for those who are not yet ready to pack away their shorts and sunglasses.

Meteorological agency DMI forecasts plenty of sun and warm temperatures during the coming week.

“We will have a pleasant start to the autumn with mostly dry weather, a good chance of sun and warm temperatures,” DMI duty meteorologist Anja Bodholdt said.

A high-pressure front will bring stable weather to the country for most of the week, according to DMI’s forecast.

“The high pressure will send warm air over the country from the east and temperatures will be between 18 and 23 degrees (Celsius),” Bodholdt said.

Monday may see some patches of fog during the morning and cloud in the south and south west, while western areas may see isolated showers.

A similar pattern will be repeated on Tuesday, with more sunshine in the east of the country than in the west.

“There is a front over the North Sea that will at times move across Jutland, which may result in more clouds and a bit of rain here and there,” the meteorologist said, adding that this would nevertheless not result in large amounts of rain.

“Overall, it looks like being a very nice week with some or plenty of sun for most,” she said.

Temperatures are forecast to be 18-23°C during the day and 10-15°C at night.

A mild to moderate easterly wind is expected.

Friday is likely to be the wettest day of the week, with showers and rain forecast due to a colder front.

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