Support of public helped Denmark’s Queen Margrethe cope with grief

Support of public helped Denmark’s Queen Margrethe cope with grief
Queen Margrethe at Château de Cayx. Photo: Fred Lancelot/Ritzau Scanpix
Queen Margrethe of Denmark has spoken about her grieving process after husband Prince Henrik died earlier this year.

The Queen is currently on vacation at Château de Cayx in southwestern France, where she visited many times with the late Prince Henrik, who died in February.

The late prince grew up near the French Château and also grew wine on its grounds.

“It is naturally different being here alone, but it is good to be back,” she said.

“He doesn’t come through the door and ask whether we are going to do this or that. I must decide that myself. I have to learn to live with it, and I am doing so. I have reached an age where I have many friends in the same situation,” the Queen continued.

The Queen was speaking to media just over six months after Prince Henrik passed away on February 13th.

Denmark’s monarch has taken part in several official events since then, but Thursday represented the first occasion on which she has spoken publicly about the loss of her husband.

“During the last year and a half we weren’t together as much, because his health was not so good.

“It was how it was. I am happy that the very last moments were so fine and dignified and a beautiful end to his life,” she said.

Queen Margrethe also said that public support after Prince Henrik died had offered comfort at the time.

“The way in which people supported us all was very much one of the most moving things I can imagine, and it was a huge help,” she said.

“It became a kind of wave you were able to ride through it on. It was very positive, and I was grateful for it,” she added.

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