Storm cancelled in Denmark, but high winds and rain forecast for weekend

Storm cancelled in Denmark, but high winds and rain forecast for weekend
The Aalborg-Egholm ferry battles through winds on August 10th. Photo: Henning Bagger/Ritzau Scanpix
Storm Johanne did not cause extreme weather on Thursday, but strong winds, rain and cooler temperatures are forecast in the west of Denmark.

A relatively cool and rainy weekend is forecast for the entire country after a storm system did not have the impact previously expected.

Forecasts of a storm, designated the name Johanne, have been retracted, meteorologist Trine Pedersen of DMI said on Friday morning.

“There will not be a storm,” Pedersen said.

“But we still expect it to be windy today. The west coast can expect strong winds with gusts reaching gale force. The same applies to the Lillebælt area,” she added.

A low-pressure front building off Jutland’s west coast and moving over the Skagerrak sea is responsible for the winds, which will, however, disperse during the course of Friday.

A cool but pleasant day is otherwise forecast by DMI, with isolated showers only and temperatures between 17 and 22 degrees Celsius.

“It will be a very nice day considering how windy it is,” Pedersen said.

The weekend will see rainy weather across the country, the meteorologist continued.

“We can, in general, expect more changeable weather. The weekend will be very wet across the country. On Saturday a small low-pressure zone will draw rain in over the whole country. There will probably be both rain and thunder,” she said.

Temperatures as cool as 16-17°C are forecast on the west coast on Saturday, with Baltic Sea island Bornholm, at 20-21°C, the warmest part of Denmark.

Sunday will also be overcast with rain.

“It is not yet clear how much rain there will be, but there certainly won’t be much sun. So temperatures on Sunday will also not exceed 17-20°C,” Pedersen said.

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