Weather conditions perfect for lunar eclipse over Denmark

Weather conditions perfect for lunar eclipse over Denmark
A file photo of a previous lunar eclipse over Denmark. Photo: Bax Lindhardt/Ritzau Scanpix
Friday’s weather is likely to provide perfect conditions for viewing a blood red moon as a lunar eclipse comes into sight over Denmark’s summer skies.

A warm, sunny day is forecast with temperatures between 27 and 33 degrees Celsius across the country, with the current heatwave showing no immediate sign of letting up.

A clear sky during this evening’s lunar eclipse will follow, Thor Hartz of the Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI) said.

The sky will be cloud-free between 9:19pm and 1:30am when the full moon will appear red through various phases of a total lunar eclipse.

“The weather is providing a very good opportunity to see the lunar eclipse. This evening will bring clear weather and warm temperatures for those who want to go out and study the sky,” Hartz said.

Friday night will be a tropical night in most of the country – defined as a night during which temperatures do not fall below 20 degrees.

Warm weather will continue on Saturday, with a dry and warm start followed by the arrival of a cold front and wet weather later in the day.

Between five and 10 millimetres of rain are forecast in most parts of the country, but up to 15-20mm with thunder may occur locally.

“It is uncertain exactly how much rain will fall, but it looks like being a significant rainfall, which is much-needed,” Hartz said.

The rain is unlikely to continue on Sunday, but temperatures are expected to cool to around 23-27°C.

Eastern parts of Denmark will be cloudy early on Sunday with some chance of rain before the skies clear and sunshine returns, according to DMI’s forecast.

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