Plague of wasps is sting in the tail for Danish pest control

Plague of wasps is sting in the tail for Danish pest control
File photo: Jeppe Michael Jensen / Ritzau Scanpix
This year’s warm summer has created optimal conditions for wasps, meaning pest control businesses in Denmark are working overtime.

The early onset of summer meant the insects hatched and spread earlier than usual, according to a pest control industry representative.

“This is an extreme year for wasps. I’ve never seen anything like this in the 40 years I’ve been in the business,” Claus Schultz, who chairs Brancheforeningen for Skadedyrsfirmaer (The Association of Pest Control Businesses), said.

Up to 10-15 percent more wasps than usual are buzzing around Danish gardens this year, Schultz estimated.

And the problem could become even worse as the summer goes on, he said.

“Right now the wasps are busy gathering food for all the larvae the queen is producing.

“But a bit later in the summer, when the queen is not producing as many larvae, the problem could become even greater,” he said.

“That’s when wasps get lazy and slow and can really become a pestilence on patios,” Schultz continued.

Demand is currently so great that many pest control firms have postponed summer holidays.

“Irritated and frightened people are calling us, and some are allergic to wasps. So we are putting everything else to one side to fix this,” the industry representative said.

In addition to the wasps, flies and ants are also thriving in the warm summer weather, resulting in a busy year for the pest control industry.

“My guess is that it has also been a good year for mice and rats. They have not had any difficulties in the way of things like flooded sewers,” Schultz said.

“So I predict we will also be busy in this regard. But we won’t see that until the cold sets in,” he said.

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