Robbery victim jumps from Copenhagen hotel window

A man jumped from a third-floor window after being subjected to assault by robbers.

Robbery victim jumps from Copenhagen hotel window
The incident occurred at Østerport Hotel in Østerbro. File photo: Mogens Flindt/Ritzau Scanpix

The man jumped out of the window to flee from robbers after they broke into his hotel room, Copenhagen Police lead investigator Kenneth Jensen said.

“The man was in a hotel room with a woman with whom he had an appointment when two men suddenly entered the room and assaulted him,” Jensen said.

The two robbers are reported to have left with a sum of money after beating the victim.

“After he was beaten he chose to jump from the window,” Jensen said.

The incident occurred at Hotel Østerport in the Østerbro neighbourhood of the Danish capital.

Police were informed of the incident at 11pm on Wednesday.

The man was not injured as a result of the third-floor jump.

“He has a sore back and feet, and that’s hardly surprising,” Jensen said.

Copenhagen Police are looking into the circumstances surrounding the incident.

“We do not know whether those involved already knew each other but we are speaking to the targets (of the assault),” the lead officer said.

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