Greenlanders return home as flooding alert lifted

Greenlanders return home as flooding alert lifted
A satellite image showing icebergs off Innaarsuit on July 9th. Photo: esa via AP/Ritzau Scanpix
People in the village of Innaarsuit in western Greenland are to return to their homes after the lifting of a tsunami alert caused by a large iceberg.

Shops in the Arctic village will also return to normal trade, Greenland Police said.

An enormous iceberg passed close to the coast last week, and authorities were concerned that the village could be flooded by resultant waves.

33 of the 169 people who live in the Arctic settlement were evacuated and the local supermarket, fish packing factory and power station were closed.

But the danger alert was lifted by authorities on Wednesday.

The iceberg has now cleaved, making it smaller and thereby less dangerous.

It currently lies around 500-600 metres north of the village, with a cliff face offering further protection.

“But the Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI) recommends keeping an eye on the situation and notifying of any major changes,” Greenland Police wrote in a statement.

Children and the elderly remain advised to stay clear of the coast, while dogs must not be tied up within 10 metres of the sea.

Last year, an earthquake off the coast off Greenland caused a tsunami to hit the village of Nuugaatsiaq. Four people lost their lives in the disaster, and the village and neighbouring Illorsuit remain empty due to fears of a new earthquake.

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