Warm, dry weather and sun forecast for weekend in Denmark

Warm, dry weather and sun forecast for weekend in Denmark
A nature reserve at Vejlerne, North Jutland showing signs of the dry weather. Photo: Henning Bagger/Ritzau Scanpix
Despite grey skies on Friday morning, warm, sunny weather is expected for July’s first full weekend.

Sun will break through the clouds on Friday morning, bringing with it a warm weekend, according to Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI) forecasts.

“The weather looks a bit woolly on Friday morning with a lot of clouds, but there is light ahead. During the morning the clouds will depart, then it will be a day with a fair amount of sun,” DMI’s duty meteorologist Lars Henriksen said.

Temperatures are expected to increase from 15-18 degrees Celsius to 18-23 Celsius once the sun breaks through.

That means sunblock will be a must for the many people on holiday and attending festivals around Denmark.

“Once the weekend starts, it looks like it’s going to be even warmer,” Henriksen said.

Forecast temperatures are 21-26°C on Saturday and 22-28°C on Sunday.

The west coast will likely be a little cooler, however, due to light westerly and northwesterly winds.

With no rain expected in the immediate future, Denmark’s drought-hit agricultural sector must wait a little longer for relief from the dry weather.

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“There is a chance of some isolated local showers on Saturday night and during Sunday. The probability is highest in the east,” Henriksen said.

A change in weather conditions is expected after the weekend.

“The very stable dry weather looks like being less stable next week, so the chance of longer rainy spells will be greater. But it is uncertain how much rain there will be,” the meteorologist said.

“There will have to be a relative large amount of rain to make any real difference to the bone-dry weather we have seen for some time,” he added.

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