Denmark to enjoy ‘dancing sun’ over holiday weekend

After a wet start, May’s remarkable summer-like weather will continue over the holiday weekend, the Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI) said on Friday.

Denmark to enjoy ‘dancing sun’ over holiday weekend
Photo: Mads Claus Rasmussen/Ritzau Scanpix
Although there were some local cloudbursts and thunderstorms throughout the country on Friday, the long weekend should provide plenty of opportunities to soak up the sun's rays. 
“Saturday will start with some local showers but there will also be periods of sunshine. Eventually it will begin to dry up and throughout the day the sun will come to dominate,” meteorologist Jesper Eriksen said. 
Whit Sunday (pinsedag) will be even better, Eriksen said. 
“On Sunday, the Pentecost sun will dance undisturbed and it may reach up to 23C throughout the whole country,” he said. “So the weekend won’t necessarily offer ‘summer days’, but it will still be very pleasant temperatures.”
In Denmark, a ‘summer day' is any day in which temperatures top 25C. There have already been eight summer days thus far, a marked improvement over the 14 that were registered throughout the whole of summer 2017. In fact, spring 2018 has already registered a number of weather statistics that surpass last year's summer, which had the lowest maximum temperature since DMI's records began in 1874.
Whit Monday (2. pinsedag) is not likely to add to the ‘summer day’ totals, but it won’t fall much short. DMI is calling for highs to reach 23C on the national holiday. 
This month is on pace to be the warmest May in 129 years. DMI has predicted that the month will end with an average temperature of 13.9C, topping a record set in 1889. 
The warmer-than-usual temperatures also have their downsides, however. DMI has warned that the risk of both drought and fire has increased due to the warmer and drier weather. The early summer-like conditions has also caused the pollen season to arrive around two weeks earlier than normal.