27 degrees: Denmark’s 2018 spring continues to outshine 2017 summer

27 degrees: Denmark’s 2018 spring continues to outshine 2017 summer
Photo: Mads Claus Rasmussen/Ritzau Scanpix
Current good weather will continue into another week with an astonishing 27 degrees Celsius forecast on Monday.

The weather forecast for the beginning of the new week has been described as “as good as it gets”.

“This week will start by being about as good as it gets on such a spring Monday, which will be more like a summer day. It will be dry, we’ll have lots of sun, and temperatures will be up between 22 and 27 degrees,” Anja Bodholdt of the Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI) told Ritzau early on Monday.

DMI defines a “summer day” as a day in which the temperatures exceeds 25°C.

“It may feel slightly less warm on east-facing coasts,” Bodholdt added.

Spring 2018 has already registered a number of weather statistics that surpass last year’s summer.

2017 had the lowest maximum temperature since DMI’s records began in 1874.

As early as April 19th this year, a temperature of 26.7°C was recorded – considerably warmer than any day in the whole of 2017, when a high of 26.6°C was registered on August 15th.

The most sunny day so far in 2018 was May 7th, with 14.6 hours of sunshine – an improvement on 2017’s maximum of 14.5 hours on June 17th.

Weather forecasts for the rest of this week predict the good weather to continue for a while before some cooling off.

Tuesday will be mostly sunny with some cloud in the southeast and temperatures from 20-25°C.

“After that things will gradually go downhill,” Bodholdt said to Ritzau.

Some cloud and rain is forecast from Wednesday onwards.

“We will not have entirely rainy days, but it will be quite different to the many lovely days we’ve had of late,” the meteorologist said.

Wednesday’s temperature is forecast as 17-22°C.

“It looks like we will be hit by a low-pressure zone on Thursday and Friday, but it’s a bit difficult at this stage to say where the wet weather will be,” she said.

Thursday and Friday will see relatively cool temperatures of 15-20°C.

“That is still very good for the time of year. The whole of May has actually been very good,” Bodholdt said.

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