Colder temperatures and grey weather forecast after sunny weekend

Colder temperatures and grey weather forecast after sunny weekend
File photo: Claus Fisker|Ritzau Scanpix
After a glorious weekend of sunshine and temperatures nearing 20°C, the coming week is forecast to bring greyer offerings.

The spring vibe will be less prominent in the weather during the course of this week, said Mette Wagner of the Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI).

“This week will bring clouds, periods of sun and a little rain here and there. It wil be a bit cooler with wind from the east,” Wagner said.

“So that is a bit of a turnaround,” the meteorologist concluded.

Monday’s temperature will be between 13 and 18°C, according to DMI, with fog, sun and rain all forecast.

“On Monday we have a frontal zone affecting the northern and western parts of Denmark. Within that front is fog and a little rain here and there.

“That will gradually move across Denmark during the morning. It will be burned off somewhat, so we might also see some sun. In the southeast, a lot of sun,” Wagner said.

Monday may, like the weekend, see heights of 20°C, but is overall unlikely to feel as warm as Sunday, she added.

“On Tuesday, the front will still be simmering. It will be mostly dry and cloudy, and there may be fog in several areas,” Wagner said.

Some sun and temperatures between eight and 13°C are forecast for Tuesday.

DMI predicts that cloud and rain will be prominent on Wednesday and throughout the rest of the week.

“On Thursday it will be the same: clouds, rain here and there and sunny spells. Temperature may increase a little and will be between ten and 15 degrees,” Wagner said, adding that Friday’s forecast is more uncertain, with a new front expected in time for next weekend.

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