Weekend temperatures close to 20 degrees in Denmark as spring arrives

Weekend temperatures close to 20 degrees in Denmark as spring arrives
Spring sun in Copenhagen. Photo: Nils Meilvang/Ritzau Scanpix
After an energy-sapping extended winter that brought harsh winds, cold and snow throughout March, the first weekend in April will have the feel of spring.

Sun will shine across Denmark during most of Friday, Saturday and Sunday, with warm air from southern Europe moving over the country and temperatures in the high teens.

“There are clear signs of spring on the air. From the start of Friday, people will wake up to beautiful weather,” Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI) duty meteorologist Mette Wagner told Ritzau.

Friday’s daytime temperature is expected to be between six and 11°C.

A southerly wind will be felt during the day.

“And we like that very much. There is lovely warm weather waiting for us further south in Europe, and that will roll in over the country,” Wagner said.

Friday will be mostly dry and sunny, and Friday night will remain clear with temperatures dropping to between 5°C and freezing point.

But Saturday will see more sun and rising warmth.

“Saturday will also be dry with sun from morning to evening. There may be high clouds due to fronts moving across the North Sea, but the clouds will be so high that the sun will break through, so the clouds won’t affect the pleasant weather,” the meteorologist said.

Temperatures are expected to reach 10-15°C on Saturday, according to DMI.

“South Jutland may creep up to as much as 17°C,” Wagner said.

The spring-like weather will continue on Sunday but with possible clouds and showers in western areas.

“But we are not talking about large amounts of rain, and temperatures will be between 14 and 19 degrees, warmest in central Jutland,” Wagner said.

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