Sunny start to be replaced by grey and rainy weather

Sunny start to be replaced by grey and rainy weather
File photo: Henning Bagger/Ritzau Scanpix
The weather in Denmark this week will start out sunny and crisp before turning grey and wet later in the week.

But temperatures will also increase a little from Wednesday onwards, according to the Danish Meteorological Institute’s (DMI) forecast.

“It will still be quite cold on Monday morning and up to ten degrees below zero in some places. At the same time it will be a nice, clear start to the day with plenty of sun all over the country,” DMI duty meteorologist Anja Bodholdt told Ritzau.

Clouds will move across from the western part of Jutland throughout the day on Monday.

That may result in slightly warmer temperatures and localised showers.

A low-pressure area from Norway during the evening may result in snow and sleet in Zealand and on the island of Bornholm.

“After that front passes it will clear up again, meaning we will wake up to sunshine across the country again on Tuesday,” Bodholdt said.

Temperatures are expected to reach just under freezing point on Monday night.

Following Tuesday, slightly warmer air will arrive, with thermometers measuring between 2-7°C. Jutland will see the warmest weather.

“But with the increasing temperatures we will also see more clouds, and it will generally be a grey Wednesday, and there will also be rain occasionally,” Bodholdt said.

The remainder of the week will be variable with sporadic showers and cloudy skies, the meteorologist added.

“Wednesday, Thursday and Friday will resemble each other. I suppose it’s typical Danish March weather, with widespread freezing temperatures at night suddenly replaced by warmer temperatures,” she told Ritzau.

Winds will generally be light to fresh and from varying directions.

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