Danish mobile network failure hits 450,000 customers

Danish mobile network failure hits 450,000 customers
File photo: Torkil Adsersen/Scanpix Denmark
Customers of Danish telecommunications giant TDC were unable to make or receive calls on Monday.

Problems with TDC's network resulted in a large number of customers being unable to make calls, communication director Nis Peder Koldby confirmed to DR Nyheder.

“Right now up to 450,000 customers may be affected. There is very limited access to the mobile network. SMS and data should work fine, but there is a problem making and receiveing calls,” Koldby told the broadcaster.

TDC added that it had diverted all of its resources with internal and external partners to solving the issue.

The problem has not been identified at the time of writing and it is therefore unknown for how long the network failure will persist.

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