Don’t walk on the ice: Danish police

Police in Denmark have warned residents not to risk walking on iced-over waterways, despite the current freezing conditions.

Don't walk on the ice: Danish police
Iced canals in Copenhagen. Photo: Michael Barrett

The 'Siberian cold' which is gripping Denmark and much of Europe this week has resulted in police warning citizens across the country not to risk walking on ice.

On Thursday, a 12-year-old girl from Mors in North Jutland wandered 500 metres on to ice, but was able to return safely.

Central and West Jutland Police issued a warning advising others to stay away from the thinly-frozen surfaces.

“Dangerous games: the ice on our fjords and lakes is tempting, but unfortunately also unsafe,” the police Twitter message read.

Police in Copenhagen issued a similar warning on Saturday after a 7-year-old boy fell through ice in the capital.

“A 7-year-old boy fell through the ice…Taken to hospital as a precaution. Let that be a warning. Check signs before walking on ice and take care,” Copenhagen Police tweeted.

Ice must be at least 13 centimetres thick before being considered safe to walk on, Ritzau writes.

On the Baltic Sea island of Bornholm, police used Twitter to advise residents about a different ice-related problem.

“Authorities do not have the resources to help removing icicles. Other areas are prioritised,” Bornholm Police wrote.

“Residents are advised to removed icicles themselves – perhaps with the help of private entrepreneurs,” police added.

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