Icy Danish roads lead the way into mild winter weekend

Icy Danish roads lead the way into mild winter weekend
File photo: Henning Bagger/Scanpix Denmark
Denmark's Meteorological Institute (DMI) has warned of icy roads on Friday before a slightly warmer weekend.

Duty meteorologist Dan Nilsvall said drivers should use caution throughout the morning on Friday.

“Several roads will be slippery due to snow or ice across the country this morning. It will stay that way all morning,” Nilsvall said.

“It is a good idea to take care in traffic,” he added.

Temperatures will increase a little after a cold first part of the day.

“There will be some showers of snow or sleet. But there will also be a bit of sun, and the temperature will go up to about 5-6°C,” Nilsvall said.

But further snow is not expected during the coming weekend, the meteorologist added.

“Dry and partially clear weather is expected on Friday night. There will be fog in many places in the west, but it will clear up so it will be possible to see the sun [on Saturday],” he said.

“On Saturday night it seems as though a weak front will move over western areas with a little precipitation,” he continued.

Temperatures on both Saturday and Sunday will be around 5°C, precluding more snow, the meteorologist said.

But a relatively mild weekend does not mean that next week will feel less wintery than now, he added.

“After the weekend at looks as though we will move into a colder period,” Nilsvall said.

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