Slight sunshine and temperatures over freezing in Denmark this week

Slight sunshine and temperatures over freezing in Denmark this week
Ice at Roskilde Harbour on February 6th 2018. Photo: Mads Claus Rasmussen/Scanpix
After a weekend that brought snow to some parts of the country, the coming week will be slightly warmer with some sunny spells as schools in Denmark take a week off for their winter break.

Any hopes of skating or sledging for kids during the winter holidays are therefore likely to be dashed, according to a Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI) forecast.

Only small amounts of snow are predicted to fall over the next seven days, DMI meteorologist Jesper Eriksen told Ritzau.

Temperatures will be largely above zero with the sun breaking through on occasions, he said.

“I would say the winter break will be nice, if you don't like real wintry weather,” Eriksen said.

“But you will not be able to go skating, because the ice will not be thick enough. So neither skates nor sleighs need be brought out of storage,” he added.


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DMI forecasts the temperature to stay at around 4-5°C throughout the week.

Any sunny spells will bring sunshine noticeably stronger than in earlier winter months, Eriksen said.

“It's now February, so you can feel the sun on your cheeks if it comes out in the middle of the day. And we're hoping for that,” the meteorologist said.

Monday is likely to be the most wintry day of the week due to wind chill factor, Erkisen continued.

“It will be windy on Monday and there will be precipitation in different forms. But any snow will not settle,” he said.

Rain is also possible on Tuesday, while Wednesday will be drier. Wet weather could return on Thursday, according to DMI's prognosis.

“A front will come in on Thursday, in which precipitation will begin in the form of snow and then turn into sleet and rain. The chill factor could also be felt again on Thursday, as it will be on Monday,” Eriksen said.

A slight temperature increase towards the end of the week could see around 5-7°C.

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