Winter sun to shine on in Denmark this week

Winter sun to shine on in Denmark this week
File photo: Henning Bagger/Scanpix Denmark
The winter freeze has a good grip on Denmark, with temperatures under zero as the week begins.

But with clear skies and low winds, Monday is set to be a handsome winter's day across the country.

“Monday will be a rather fine day with sun in many places. Zealand, Funen and South Jutland will get the most sun,” said Frank Nielsen, duty meteorologist with the Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI).

“On Zealand in particular, people will wake up to a nice morning with temperatures at -6° Celsius and a clear sky. It will also be dry, and the strong winds we have had for some time have died off,” Nielsen said.

The northwesterly wind is bringing cold temperatures, but not snow, with it from Sweden, according to DMI.

“[Baltic Sea island] Bornholm will be the only place to have snow on Monday,” Nielsen said.

The bright, cold weather is set to continue on Tuesday.

“There will not be quite as much sun as on Monday, but the minus temperatures during daytime will continue,” said Nielsen, adding that there could also be some snowfall in the southwest of the country on Tuesday.

The forecast for Wednesday is less clear-cut.

“We have an old warm front from the Faroe Islands that will head towards Denmark. That front will give higher temperatures, some snow and some more clouds. In most places, daytime temperatures will be around freezing point, and it will be up to four degrees [Celsius] above zero in western parts of the country,” Nielsen said.

On Thursdau and Friday, the winter sun is likely to return, with temperatures at around 4°C during the day and -5°C at night.

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