Conservative parties agree deal to protect Danish forests

Denmark's conservative parties support a proposal to reduce forestry and let nature take over in extensive natural areas.

Conservative parties agree deal to protect Danish forests
Photo: Henning Bagger/Scanpix Denmark

The coalition government and right-wing parliamentary ally the Danish People's Party have agreed on a deal to give nature “first priority” in specified forests, the Ministry of Environment and Food wrote in a press statement.

The 45 forests in the scheme, which include the Gribskov forest in northern Zealand and forests around the town of Silkeborg in Jutland, cover an area reaching a total of 13,300 hectares.

Logging will be significantly decreased in the forests in question and in some cases halted completely, the ministry said.

Environment minister Esben Lunde Larsen called the move a “historical effort for Danish forests”.

“The government has promised that a fifth of state-owned forests will be biodiversity forests. Today we are delivering on that,” Larsen wrote in the statement.

Other forests covered by the agreement include Gråstenskovene in southern Denmark and forests near the northern tourist destination of Skagen and on the island of Møn.

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