High winds and snow forecast for Denmark in chilly winter week

High winds and snow forecast for Denmark in chilly winter week
File photo: Henning Bagger/Scanpix Denmark
A windy and wet week is forecast in Denmark, with wind chill potentially making temperatures feel as cold as -10° Celsius.

The wintry forecast was issued by Dan Nilsvall of the Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI) early on Monday.

“Monday will be windy, and during the day a small amount of snowfall will move across the country from the west,” Nilsvall said.

DMI expects as much as five centimetres of snow to fall during Monday night, increasing to ten centimetres in central Jutland.

“The temperature on Monday morning is below freezing in many places and we expect it to increase during the day to between zero and two degrees,” Nilsvall said.

But high winds are likely to create a chill factor that will feel significantly colder at five to ten degrees below zero.

Icy roads are also expected across the country on Monday.

“Care must be taken when driving, including this afternoon on the way home from work. Particularly in Jutland, where roads might be slippery from the snow,” the meteorologist said.

Sleet and rain are forecast on Tuesday and Wednesday as a wet week continues with temperatures of around 3-4°C.

“The wind will slow down late on Monday night, so Tuesday and Wednesday will have relatively calm wind conditions,” Nilsvall said.

But strong winds are predicted to return on Thursday, the meteorologist added.

“The forecasts are a little uncertain. But it currently looks as though a low-pressure area will move over the Skagerak sea. That may bring storm-level wind forces, especially on the west coast of Jutland,” he said.

If the sun makes any appearance at all this week, it is most likely to be inbetween showers on Tuesday and Wednesday.

“The days are short at the moment,” Nilsvall said.

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