Stolen ‘world’s most expensive’ vodka bottle found empty at Danish building site

A high-value vodka that was stolen from a bar in Copenhagen earlier this week has been found at a construction site on the outskirts of the city – with its contents emptied.

Stolen 'world’s most expensive' vodka bottle found empty at Danish building site
The hole in the display at the bar from where the bottle was stolen. Photo: Mads Claus Rasmussen/Polfoto/Ritzau

The stolen Russo Baltique vodka, reportedly the only one of its kind and worth eight million kroner (1.1 million euros), was found by a private citizen, Copenhagen Police confirmed on Twitter.

Police also thanked the man who found the bottle.

“The expensive vodka bottle that was stolen in Vesterbro [central Copenhagen neighbourhood, ed.] in the early hours of Tuesday has been found,” the police tweet read.

“The bottle is now in police care, appears to be intact and will be examined,” said a second tweet.

Brian Ingberg, owner of the bar from where the bottle was stolen, told tabloid Ekstra Bladet he was relieved it had been found.

“Unfortunately, it is empty. Somebody who works at the construction site found it,” Ingberg told the newspaper.

“I am so happy now. It is great,” he said.

“It is the bottle that was valuable. We can refill it with vodka in Russia,” he added.

The expensive spirit was stolen from the collection at Ingeberg’s Café 33 bar in the Vesterbro district of the Danish capital.

Its high value is due in part to the three kilograms of gold and three kilograms of silver used to make the bottle.

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