Copenhagen’s Tivoli Gardens announces 175th anniversary winter programme

Copenhagen tourist favourite Tivoli Gardens has revealed its programme for a special 2018 winter season to celebrate the 175th anniversary of the historic Danish amusement park.

Copenhagen's Tivoli Gardens announces 175th anniversary winter programme
Photo: Lasse Salling/Tivoli Gardens

The off-season programme, Winter in Tivoli, includes events for families as well as light installations and light events.

While the amusement park, originally named Copenhagen Summer Tivoli, has introduced Christmas and Halloween opening within the past 25 years, the first quarter of the year has until now been reserved for maintenance, new builds and staff vacations.

But the tourist attraction’s 175th anniversary year sees a winter programme become a reality for the first time in the park’s history. About half the regular area of the park – decked out in winter white — will be open to visitors, Tivoli Gardens confirmed in a press release.

Winter in Tivoli runs from February 2nd-25th 2018, spanning the Danish school winter break, Valentine’s Day and Fastelavn (Shrovetide), the traditional time in Denmark for kids to dress up and go trick-or-treating.

The park has teamed up with Copenhagen’s February festival CPH Light Festival and will present a number of light installations, some of which can only be seen during the Winter in Tivoli programme.

Visitors during the winter season will be able to enjoy new installations including an ice skating rink in front of the Nimb Hotel and an igloo with indoor fun and games for families. Family activities also include creative workshops, children’s theatre and an ‘ice’ maze.

Tivoli’s 103-year-old wooden rollercoaster and several other rides will also be open.

From February 10th-18th, visitors can partake in the Danish version of a piñata party, in which a plywood barrel is repeatedly struck with a wooden stick into it breaks open, spilling its candy contents for excited kids. ‘Hitting the cat out of the barrel’ is a classic Fastelavn tradition. There will be barrels for children of all ages and children are welcome to dress up.

Foreign winter traditions have not been forgotten in the programme. Tivoli’s restaurants are open for romantic Valentine’s Day dinners.

Tivoli is among Denmark’s most popular attractions with 4.6 million visitors in 2016. About one third of its visitors are tourists.

Founder Georg Carstensen was inspired by European pleasure gardens and, with the permission of King Frederik VIII, opened Tivoli Gardens on August 15th, 1843.

A full description and programme for Winter in Tivoli is available on the Tivoli website

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Copenhagen’s Tivoli cancels popular Christmas season as lockdown takes effect

Tivoli, a 175-year-old amusement park which is one of Copenhagen’s most famous tourist attractions, has cancelled its hugely-popular Christmas season due to new Covid-19 restrictions.

Copenhagen's Tivoli cancels popular Christmas season as lockdown takes effect
A quiet Tivoli on December 9th. Photo: Nils Meilvang/Ritzau Scanpix

The attraction, where many people normally go in December to enjoy its spectacular Christmas decorations and unique seasonal atmosphere, has chosen to close for the rest of the year as a result of the lockdown in Copenhagen, it said in a statement.

A partial lockdown in Copenhagen and other parts of Denmark, which was announced by the government on Monday and comes into effect today, is the reason for the decision, the statement said.

“Tivoli interprets the government’s and (health) authorities’ message as clearly and unambiguous: We must see each other and meet different people as little as possible until infections are under control, especially in municipalities with tighter restrictions”, the statement read.

Tivoli has been operating under a special booking system since November in a measure introduced to reduce the risk of coronavirus spread.

Although the lockdown does not require outside parks like Tivoli to completely close, all indoors areas would have had to be closed to the public, had the attraction remained open. 

Tivoli is now scheduled to open again for Easter on March 27th, 2021 and is planning an extended summer opening season.

Some of the park’s concert and theatre facilities are still planning to show musicals and other shows from the end of January. The partial lockdown is scheduled to expire on January 3rd.